JJ Caric – she/her – Artist Mentor – Theater

JJ Caric is an artist mentor supporting youth in theater at art club this Fall-Winter. She is originally from Pennsylvania and attended college in New York and moved to Grand Junction to work with Rocky MountainPBS @rmpbs .

JJ: “My art form is live theater and painting. For painting, I think Andy Warhol influenced me. Andy Warhol was also a Pittsburgh native and there is the Warhol Museum right downtown. I remember going to the museum as a kid with my parents and was amazed by his artwork. It was the first time I saw pop art and realized art didn’t have to look like Romanticism or realism. I can’t exactly recall who or what influenced me for live theater, but an early memory was when I went to see Wicked in elementary school. I remember feeling all the emotions just by attending a 2-hour musical and that influenced me to get more involved and invested in theater.”

“One of my greatest passions is live theater. I was in all my school’s plays and musicals growing up and minored in theater in college! I love seeing something (a production) in the beginning with no blocking, beats, costumes, lighting, etc. and then see it grow and transform into a 2-hour show.“