JJ Caric – she/her – Board President

JJ Caric is a dedicated and passionate individual serving as the Board President of Trail Lamp Youth Services (TLYS). Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, with a background in Film & Media and Theater, JJ’s love for the arts and commitment to supporting youth shines through in their role. Drawing from experiences in organizations like the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Rocky Mountain PBS, JJ brings a wealth of knowledge in partnership development and board governance to TLYS. Additionally, JJ’s involvement in directing plays and guiding the youth of the BAM! Art Club in theater showcases their hands-on approach to mentoring and empowering young individuals through creative expression. With a genuine desire to connect with and uplift young people, JJ aims to amplify the voices of youths, advocate for mental health support, and foster a safe and empowering environment through art and mentoring. Through their empathetic and inclusive approach, JJ seeks to ensure the continued growth and success of TLYS, driven by a deep-rooted passion for making a positive impact in the community.

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