BAM! Youth Productions

BAM Youth Productions

Welcome to BAM! Youth Productions (BYP), a unique and empowering program that is part of the BAM! Business Art Mentorship Youth Program and Trail Lamp Youth Services (TLYS) initiative, Creative Minds=Healthy Minds.

BYP’s mission is to uplift and support underrepresented youth through art and business mentorship with local artists, creating safe spaces for them to form healthy peer groups, make connections with the community, and gain valuable skills.

BYP believes in the power of creativity to transform lives and promote good mental health. In 2024, we are embarking on an exciting series of youth-led art projects that aim to raise awareness of the link between creativity, art, and mental well-being.

Through mediums such as podcasts, visual art, and film, our talented young artists will tell their stories, sharing unique perspectives and insights.


The first initiative in 2024 is a series of three youth-led podcasts, created, recorded, edited, marketed, and debuted by the creative minds of BYP. These podcasts serve as a platform for rural Colorado’s future adults to gain life and business skills and express themselves, offering valuable perspectives on various topics. In collaboration with 970 West Studio and other creative professionals, the podcasts will provide a platform for meaningful conversations and connections.

BAM Youth Artist Mentorship Program YOUTH MURAL

Another exciting project in 2024 is Color Vibes, a youth-led PRIDE mural in collaboration with supporting LGBTQ+ organizations in Mesa County. This vibrant and expressive mural aims to celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, and spread a message of love and acceptance within our community. Youth participating in the mural will be paid as they as they work side-by-side with creative professionals, gain life and business skills, strengthen their identities and build community connections.

BAM Youth Art Club in Grand Junction Colorado YOUTH ART SHOW

In the same year, BYP will also host “Glimmers,” a visually stunning art show that incorporates a short play, a fashion show, and various forms of visual art. This unique showcase will be created in collaboration with mental health professionals in Mesa County and will feature the artwork of BAM! Youth. Each piece will be accompanied by a pre-recorded description by the artist, providing viewers with an immersive experience where they can listen to the artist’s personal anecdotes and gain insights into their creative process.

BAM Youth Art Club in Grand Junction Colorado YOUTH FILM

Looking ahead, from 2025 to 2028, BYP plans to produce a short film or documentary in collaboration with CMU students, JPC Films, 970 West Studio, and other creative professionals. This exciting endeavor will provide youth the opportunity to gain experience in the film industry, further expanding their experience in the world of visual storytelling.

BYP is about the transformative power of art, mentorship, and community connections. We are committed to empowering underserved youth, nurturing their talents, and helping them reach their full potential. Join us on this dynamic journey as we combine creativity with mental health awareness, celebrating the voices and contributions of our young artists.

We invite youth, mentors, and creative professionals in Mesa County to be a part of BAM! Youth Productions, where art meets opportunity, and creativity builds a brighter future.


BAM Youth Productions
BAM Business Art Mentorship Program in Grand Junction

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