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BAM! Business Art Mentorship Youth Program began in Spring 2022 in Mesa County, providing art and business mentorship to underserved youth through art & business mentorship.

Over 250 youth ages 12-21 have received empowerment, and gained life and business skills with the support of peers, mentors and local artists.

These teens have participated in art-club, art classes, art shows, work-study programs, community events, art markets, art contests, art commissions, radio interviews, internships, and art exhibits.

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Painting and Art Workshops in Grand Junction

What Teens in Mesa County Have to Say:

Youth ages 12-21 in the Grand Valley reported in a 2022 survey they don’t have enough safe places for recreational and social activities. They also reported they experience barriers to finding and accessing creative outlets and healthy activities.

What youth say they like about BAM:

  • Welcoming, affirming and safe space
  • Freedom for self expression and being authentic
  • Socializing, new friends and having fun
  • Quality art supplies to use for creative expression
  • Meeting local artists and learning new art skills
  • Art shows and community events

*2022 BAM Youth Survey

“Throughout the summer, BAM helped me build self-confidence. At the start I would just sit and draw…I picked up photography and mentors showed me how to use a camera. From there I learned how to be proud of my artwork… I stepped outside my comfort zone to talk with people and organize the final project of BAM.”
– O.C. BAM youth, summer 2022 program

“BAM has helped me grow so much, even just throughout the summer. Not only grow with my art but also as a person. Before, I would have never thought it was possible to sell my art, that nobody would ever want it and I would be too shy to talk people into buying it. …through BAM I’ve learned to be confident in what I make, and learned how to converse with others in a professional setting. Being able to sell my art and talk to others about it has helped me feel more worthy, happy, and confident in myself.”
– Emie, BAM youth, summer 2022 program

“I joined BAM! In March 2022 and I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. I have met so many people that I would not have met otherwise, and had so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have access to on my own…Before this year, building my career in art has felt impossible…social media hadn’t worked out for me, and I thought that was what was missing. But what was missing turned out to be community involvement.”
-Maxwell Cooper, BAM youth, spring and summer 2022 program

“It [BAM summer art show] was the first show Ethan submitted art to where there was active engagement with public buyers..He sold 5 prints and has interest from shops to carry some prints and other items with his art! I had to wander around weeping for a few minutes because seeing others validate for him what I already knew was so emotional.”
– Andrea Land, parent of BAM youth, summer 2022 program

“It [BAM] was such a wonderful opportunity for [my daughter] to be around peers in a safe and compassionate environment. She surprised me with her self-initiation to be ready for her ride to pick her up and take her twice a week. This level of commitment on her part (to be independently ready on time) speaks volumes on how valuable this program was for her. She has struggled with activities and peer interactions at school. Seeing her actually smile a real smile shows that the program has made a positive impact on her mental health.”
– Ann Chaffee, parent of BAM youth, summer 2022 program

This program changed my life.
– Grace

DATA: March 2022-Aug 2023


# of community members who have volunteered at BAM


# of youth participants  


# of hours volunteered


# of local creative professionals that have worked with youth in the BAM program


# of individuals positively impacted through BAM


# of community events BAM has participated in


$ amount youth have profited in art sales through BAM


$ cost BAM covers per-youth per-semester


$ costs BAM covers per-month per-youth


$ cost youth pay for BAM program and resources


% of youth reporting low income households


% of youth with 2 or more risk factors


% of youth who identify as LGBTQ+ or non-binary


 % of youth at BAM in social services/foster system


# of times LGBTQ youth are more likely to attempt suicide than their peers (Johns et al., 2019; Johns et al., 2020)


% of LGBTQ youth who seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year*

+ 50%

% transgender and nonbinary youth who seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year*


% reduction in suicide when a trustworthy adult is in a LGBTQ young persons’ life*


*2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health

BAM Business Art Mentorship Program in Grand Junction

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