Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to join?

There is no cost for youth to participate in BAM. 

Do I have to be good at art?

There is no required commitment or skill level for youth to participate in BAM!

What kind of local artists are at BAM?

In BAM, local artists in a variety of fields including fashion design, painting and illustration, photography, digital art and jewelry design serve as mentors and art instructors. They share business insights of their trades and support youth during art club and events.

What will I learn at BAM?

Artist Mentors work with youth on the basics of painting, drawing, photography, fashion, apparel designs and digital art. Creative professionals empower youth to plan, produce, perform, and sell their art. 

Each season BAM youth plan and produce an art show where they can sell or display their art, perform in a skit or in a fashion show. There are opportunities for youth to participate in festivals, farmer’s markets, art contests, internships, commissions, and group art projects. There is no required commitment, each youth in BAM decides what they will participate in.

What are some of the workshops and classes offered at BAM?

Basics of painting, drawing, photography, fashion, apparel designs and digital art are some of the subjects covered in BAM!

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